Quick start

Step 1: Upload module


Upload the module zip downloaded from store.

Step 2: Install module


Install the uploaded module.

Step 3: Define rule


* indicates any possible input.

#1 Select zone tab.
#2 Select country or leave blank for any country.
#3 Select state or leave blank for any state.
#4 Enter city or leave blank or * for any city.
#5 Enter zip/post code or leave blank or * for any zip/post code.
#6 Save All will save rule.

Step 4: Add rule limits, price, comment & status


#1 It will show/hide rule conditions table.
#2 Enter weight limit.
#3 Enter price limit.
#4 Enter pretax price limit.
#5 Enter quantity limit.
#6 Enter volume limit. #2 -> #6 can be blank or * for any value, fixed(e.g. 10) or range(e.g. 10-20).
#7 Enter price.
#8 Enter comment if any.
#9 Enable/Disable rule condition.
#10 Save All will save rule conditions.

Step 5: Configure overridden carrier


#1 If handling cost is enabled, handling cost is added on top of price in rule defined in step 4.
#2 If free shipping is enable, price will be 0 even if we define price in rule.
#3 If tax is enabled, tax will be added based on price in rule.
#4 Weight range should be ‘0’ to maximum possible weight.
#5 Price in the zone will be added on top of price in rule, so better is to keep it ‘0’.

Step 6: Confirm shipping price at checkout


Carrier price will only be shown if customer’s shipping address matches the defined rule.