WPML Support

WPML is very powerful and popular WordPress plugin to create multilingual sites. Combined WPML and Table Rate Shipping, you can get benefit of setting up shipping cost for multiple countries in multiple languages and multiple currencies. Table Rate Shipping – WooCommerce v1.2.0+ is fully compatible with WPML. We have received approval from WPML team regarding full compatibility of our Table Rate Shipping with WPML, you can check here.

WPML requirements
WPML Multilingual CMS
WPML String Translation
WooCommerce Multilingual

Translate shipping method title
When you add method to zone method title is automatically added for string translation at WPML => String Translation and you will be able to add translation to other languages. You can search this string in string translation in domain “woocommerce”, string name will be prefixed with “table_rate” and suffixed with “shipping_method_title”. In frontend customers will be able to see method title in language they have selected.

Translate comment column in table rates table
In Table Rate Shipping comments can also be used as method title when “Use Comment as Title” option is enabled for particular shipping method. Same as shipping method title translation explained above, when you add comment to particular rule this comment is added automatically for string translation and you will be able to translate this comment.

Multi-currency support
In Table Rate Shipping there are two places where this is affected. First is price column in limits in table rates table, you need to define this range in base currency and in frontend while checking this condition if other currency is selected, it will be converted to base currency and checked for limits. Second is shipping cost column, here also you need to define shipping cost in base currency and in frontend if other currency is selected shipping cost will be converted to that currency and will be applied.